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Longon fruit

Longan fruit is currently in season also known as Long Yan Rou in TICM. 

It’s is a sweet fruit, hot in nature, looks and tastes like a lychee. It affect the Spleen due to its sweet nature and the Heart too due to its Blood making abilities. However, like with lychees, as it’s hot in nature and as sweet as they may be, do not eat more than 7 every couple of days otherwise you will end up with a heat condition. In addition, if you have water retention, generally feel hot and are big in size, it’s best to avoid. 

This is a common herb I use in clinic for insomnia, palpitations, and dizziness due to Heart and Spleen Deficiency in addition to overthinking and overworking. 

As for the seed, like with the lychee seed, it is also an amazing herb that can be boiled up in water making a tea. The tea can then be taken internally by men as it is good nourishment for the testicles and fertility. 

When the fruit is not in season, dried fruits and seeds can be purchased at Asian grocery stores in Australia or Chinese grocery shops in UK.

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