Liver love

Unburden Liver

Liver is such an important organ that we neglect. We must learn to love our Liver more if we want a peaceful life. Liver is known as the army general in TICM and the army general should not be upset otherwise we will end up with all sorts of battles. Just ask any of my patients who have upset their Liver and are feeling it through all sorts of health problems.

If the Liver system is imbalanced, we are more susceptible to certain emotions. Liver is associated with Wood and the colour green. The emotions that are associated with Liver are: anger, frustration, resentment, stress, bitterness, inability to express emotions, creativity and flexibility. In TICM, we do not believe in wrinkles. Every ‘wrinkle’ on our face is manifested as a result of our emotions. We can naturally help our Liver's emotional burden by: Honouring ourself: through your words, through your expression of how you feel and your emotions. It takes practice, but if you are stuffing your feelings down, they will only lead to physical pain. Herbal support: Liver formula’s are an ancient formula that helps eliminate toxins like bacteria, mould, toxins naturally, leaving a pain free, healthy and an emotional state that is balanced and content. My favourite is Jia Wei Xiao Yao San. Adaptogens: herbs like Schisandra, Goji Berry and Rhodiola help emotional, physical and mental stress. Stress reduction: make sure you are resting enough, asking for help is good for the Liver as well as practicing flexibility both literally and figuratively. Meditation and/or: promotes emotional wellbeing, self-awareness and controls stress and anxiety, it can shift your perspective to a more positive one, allowing you to tackle things more clearly. Acupressure: alleviates stagnation and promotes the healthy flow of Qi to help your Liver function optimally, use point Liver 3 located at the top of the groove, between the first and second toes. Detox baths: hot, epsom salt baths help promote the natural detoxification of the Liver, relieving stagnation, while your body absorbs vital magnesium. Creative connection: do the things that make you feel playful, creative and expressive. Nourish the Stomach: through easily digestible foods and remove cold drinks, raw and cold foods from your food intake as cold foods harm the digestion, reproductive organs and Blood and energy (Qi) flow. Stagnation induces painful periods, anger, and poor digestion. Avoid fried and greasy foods which clog the Liver.

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