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Liver and Kidneys are organs that I repeatedly talk about followed closely with Stomach and Spleen. Liver is the army general and is not an organ you should upset. The notion that our emotions are connected with our organs is not new to TICM. In TICM, we recognise that each of our emotions are connected to a specific organ, and in the case of the Liver this emotion is anger. ⁠In the current state of our world, no one has a fully functional Liver and what saddens me more than anything is that children are affected. In TICM, we say the Liver houses the Soul and what’s going on, no one can tell me this is not affecting their Soul. When we die and as our Soul is being taken to the heavens, our eyes follow. Liver opens out into the eyes and the amount of people who are wearing glasses now or have vision issues is unreal.

Liver imbalance does not mean liver disease, it is a subtle signal that your body is not in balance and the strain of that is impacting your liver energy, which may eventually lead to an issue over time. In the first instance, it could be felt as feeling very emotional and irritable.⁠

Some symptoms of Liver imbalance include:⁠

Digestive issues⁠

Headaches or migraines⁠


Easily angered or agitated⁠


Dry or red eyes and any other eye conditions ⁠

Tendonitis ⁠

For women it can also manifest as PMS, breast tenderness and menstrual pain⁠

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