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TICM medicine is by far superior than any other medicine. This ancient medicine denotes the Five Elements, or Five Phases of life: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

Each element is associated with different body organs, colours, flavours, senses, emotions, weather, sounds, etc. Health is a harmonious balance of all the elements. The same connectivity also applies between different physical parts of the body and our emotional health. There is no way to separate the mind and the body. By treating the organ, you also correct emotional imbalances that are associated with the physical symptoms and organs.

All symptoms, whether emotional or physical, trace back to an imbalanced organ system of the Lung, Spleen, Liver, Heart and Kidney. Help yourself by living in harmony with nature. That is the basis of life, of where we came from. Do not go against this perfect harmony. For those of us in the northern hempisphere, we have entered summer, the season correlated to the Heart. For those in the southern hemisphere, it is winter, the season associated with the Kidneys.

Our body correlates to nature. We are microcosms, so using this framework can help us truly live naturally and connect to the seasons. This gives us an opportunity to heal on the deepest level possible.

Metal: Lung/Large Intestine: Autumn: all about letting go. The partner to the Lung is the Large Intestine so you can see why this physically and metaphorically makes sense. This element relates to our self-worth, our fortitude against the outside world in the form of personal boundaries, our ability to bond with others. The loss of an established personal bond would lead to grief, which is the emotion associated with this group.

Earth: Spleen/Stomach: Late Summer: all about grounding, being centred. This is most active in Late Summer, when the bountiful harvest from earth nourishes us fully. Emotionally, it is through this element we feel abundant and nurtured. Just like the element, the Spleen and Stomach take in nourishment then transform the food into Qi (energy) and Blood for our wellbeing.

Wood: Liver/Gallbladder: Spring: all about growth, change, and expansion. The season is Spring, when life shoots up from the ground! It requires flexibility as well as assertiveness. Liver stagnation is so common in our culture, many people feel easily angered, depressed and frustrated, which hurts the Liver. But know that if you can easily feel the negative association, you can easily feel the positive. The Liver and its partner the Gallbladder are all about going forward with your desires and acting on your dreams.

Water: Kidney/Bladder: Winter: all about calmness, depth, introspectiveness. The season correlated to this element is Winter when we are shown by nature to retreat, reflect and gather our wisdom and our energy reserves. This makes sense because the Kidney stores our life essence and energy (Qi). It is the system responsible for reproduction, maturation and growth. Excessive fear and over exertion drain the energy and we are shown these signs physically through symptoms of premature aging.

Fire: Heart/Small Intestine: Summer: all about love and joy during the heat of summer season when the Sun (Yang) energy is burning bright. The power of the sun and energy allows us to bring dreams and ideas into fruition. The Small Intestine is the partner organ to the Heart and when it is strong, it separates the pure from the impure physically with our waste and mentally with our thoughts.

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