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Live in harmony with nature

Living in harmony with our environment is the foundation of TICM. Nature is our greatest teacher. The Nei Ching (ancient Chinese classical medical text), advised people to go to sleep early and rise later in wintertime to allow the sun's rays to warm the Earth, helping to preserve our own precious Yang Qi (warm energy) for the task of warming the body.

In TICM, Winter is to rest, restore and rejuvenate in order to conserve the body's Qi in order to adapt to stress or change, to heal, prevent illness and age gracefully. When the weather becomes cold, less birds chirp, trees rid themselves of their leaves and animals hibernate, all done to conserve energy (Qi).

Winter is the season that correlates to Yin energy (cooling energy). Attributes of Yin energy are passive, creative, and introspective. Now, we are ruled by the Water element, which is associated with the Kidneys, Bladder, and adrenal glands. The Kidney's store our body's vital energy, Qi, and are the system responsible for aging. Signs of premature aging are merely clues that your Kidney system needs some tender love and care.

Eat warm and hearty soups, roasted nuts (roast them yourself or toast them to make them super easy to digest, try walnuts), soaked beans and seeds, sea vegetables, sustainable seafood and shellfish, bone broth and herbs like Du Chong, Kidney formula’s.

You can make Du Chong tea available from Chinese stores in order to tonify the Liver and Kidneys, strengthen sinews and bones, weak, painful knees and lower back, fatigue and frequent urination. Alternatively eucommia bark is the common name and if you have that, why not add 1/4-1/2 teaspoon in hot water and enjoy. Otherwise stick the powder on your food, smoothie, juice, etc.

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