Lemon peels

Never throw away lemon peels as they contain anywhere from 5-10 times the amount of vitamins than lemon juice. Lemons contain high amounts of vitamin C, minerals, fibre, antioxidants, and potassium. The peel contains important enzymes that help with digestion.

In TICM, lemon peels (and most citrus peels) help to move Qi (energy) stagnation in the Spleen and relieve poor appetite. When ingested, they aid in digestion, relieve gas and bloating and dissolve phlegm. Its nature is classified as sour, pungent, warm and slightly bitter entering through the Stomach and Spleen meridian channels. It also greatly helps the respiratory system.

More benefits of lemon peel:

Lightens sun spots.

Relieves abdominal distension.

Aids with vomiting and diarrhoea.

Prevents bacterial and fungal infections.

Treats high Blood pressure due to containing high levels of flavonoids.

Contains bioflavonoids which help to remove toxins within our bodies.

Helps with oral health and hygiene because the peels are rich in citric acid.

Prevents and treats the growth of cancer cells due to containing salvestrol Q40 and limonene.

Promotes weight loss due to containing pectin which helps us feel full and promote good bacteria and detoxification.

Helps to stabilise Blood vessels, especially the capillaries, making it ideal for healing varicose veins, bloodshot eyes, inflammation and haemorrhoids.

Lemon peels can be added to laundry to whiten clothing and you can distill it in white vinegar to make a natural, non toxic household cleaner.

Spring is a wonderful time to eat sour foods like citrus it is when the energy of the Liver is at its peak and sour is the flavour. Eating sour foods greatly benefits the health, function and healing of the Liver.

To consume lemon peel you can grate the skin and add it as zest to brighten up soups, rice dishes, vegetables, fish, meat, juices, tea and water. The options are endless. You can also freeze the lemon peel for a couple of hours and grate them. Lemon peel tea is amazing to consume in the morning or after a meal.

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