Leaky gut

A patient asked me on Monday if I believe in leaky gut. I do and again like with everything else in TICM, there are always different root causes for different patients.

Liver stagnation: eat an early dinner and go to bed before 11pm. The Liver needs the body's energy to promote the flow of Blood and vital energy. Examine areas of your life that bring you stress and work on finding relief from them naturally. Practice moderate exercise. Herbal formulas: Liver formula’s works by soothing the Liver to disperse the depressed energy flow and nourish Liver Blood, while strengthening the Stomach and Spleen. Spleen and Stomach energy vacuity: what you are ingesting is the most important here, both physically and emotionally. Eat a warm breakfast like congee, sweet potato, or oatmeal, consistent meals daily, do not eat late at night, lightly steam, sauté vegetables, focus on soups, stews, and simple food combinations; consume ginger. Avoid: processed foods, sugars, alcohol, raw foods, cold foods, spicy foods, iced drinks, excessive dairy, drinking with meals, stress, over-worry, being cold.

Herbal formulas: Spleen formula’s helps to invigorate Spleen function and also mental imbalances that can arise from a weak gut like anxiety, fear, and depression. Vitality helps poor digestion, indigestion. Dampness and Damp Heat: all the recommendations for above plus avoiding all fried foods, fatty foods, excessive animal proteins as well as excessive oil consumption. Herbal formulas: Damp draining formula’s relieves and expels dampness. Candida and colon formula’s drain damp heat and toxins.

Gut restoring formula’s replenish gut flora, a formula made to reduce inflammation in gastrointestinal disorders; help diarrhea, ulcerative colitis, diabetes, fatty Liver, Crohn's disease, GERD, Stomach flu, rectal prolapse, influenza, bacillary dysentery.

Make sure you are receiving proper rest, probiotics, magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, D, B. Ginger helps to relieve dampness by increasing warm energy within the entire body. It is one of the most beloved foods of both the Stomach and Spleen. It promotes circulation, kills pathogens like parasites, candida, bacteria while gently detoxing the body.

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