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Know your Liver

Understanding how the Liver functions is a gateway to taking charge of your own health. The Liver is an amazing organ created by Allah (SWT). It is such a fascinating organ and so magnificent that every day I learn something new about it. It is the organ responsible for the flow of energy and Blood in your body. It produces bile which he then sends to his wife the Gallbladder, a compound needed to digest fat and to absorb vitamins while also storing vitamins, minerals, and sugar to prevent any shortages. Symptoms like allergies, menstrual issues like PMS, eye problems and anger are signs translated into symptoms so I highly recommend that you pay lots of attention to the Liver and treat him right. 

The Liver houses our spiritual consciousness, also referred to as the hun in Chinese and is instrumental to the spiritual and psychological dynamics of the individual. The Liver opens into the eyes and 

The Liver externally opens into the eyes, controls tendons, and manifests in the nails by storing blood, the Liver supports the normal functions of the eyes and nails because the Liver is connected to the eyes. Therefore, the eyes can reflect the function of the Liver: insufficient Liver Blood may cause dry eyes and blurred vision; hyperactivity of the Liver fire will lead to pain and swelling of the eyes. This connects with the Islamic tradition as we believe that when we die, our eyes follow our soul as it is taken. Muslims please feel free to correct me if I am wrong as I can never have too much information on Al-Islam. Liver also provides Blood to the breasts for breastfeeding women. Lack of Liver Blood means not enough supply for baby so see your TICM doctor who will assist in increasing flow. 

The Liver processes toxins, prescription medications, anti-biotics and alcohol to name a few things. I give my patients a special Liver tincture to aid in the health and wellbeing of this amazing organ. 


The function of tendons also depends on the nourishment of Liver Blood. Numb or spastic limbs will occur when there is not enough Liver Blood to nourish the tendons. Because the nails are a surplus of the tendons, healthy Liver Blood is needed to maintain healthy nails.

Extreme anger can damage the Liver, causing dysfunction in dispersion and dredging and the upward flow of energy and Blood, indicated by a red eye and face or even fainting spells. If you have a hard time being flexible, going with the flow, trouble unwinding from a work day and letting things go then you are most likely experiencing a Liver function problem.

Energy and Blood become most active for the husband and wife duo the Liver and Gallbladder from 11PM to 3AM so make sure you are in deep sleep at this time. This corresponds in line with the teaching of Sunnah of my beloved Prophet (SAW) who has provided us with everything Alhamdulillah.

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