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Know your cells

A lack of awareness about your own body and how it works is great business for those who profit off sickness. This is why there is no emphasis on teaching folks about what keeps them alive and healthy on a daily basis. The lack of adequate info on what our bodies can do is disempowering. There is a cell for every disease, condition, ailment in your body.

Macrophages and neutrophils are the first responders.

Dendritic cells are like the CIA agents holding and passing critical info and also able to kill.

T cells are the police and security guards defending against basic infections but also radioing in for help.

B cells shoot antibodies and also send messages and gather information about pathogens for the adaptive immune response.

Natural killer cells have the coolest name and do just that, they kill infected and defective cells. This is useful in cancerous and viral infected cells.

The complement system is the most impressive thing you’ve never heard of as it a sea of proteins in our blood that is able to communicate with and trigger immune cells to attack while also acting like antibodies sticking to pathogens and also can act like T cells by killing pathogens as well.

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