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Kidneys and fear

Fear is adaptive but if it becomes chronic then an imbalance begins, and one may feel emotions like no willpower, insecurity, aloofness, and isolation. The Kidneys are responsible for our maturation, development, and aging. They are even shaped like a bean, or seed, signifying their potential for new life. They are where our Jing is stored, our essence and genetic material, what we enter this world with, passed down from our ancestors. Jing is unable to be replaced after it's used up. That's why it's important to nourish ourselves properly to get the energy for our daily activities from the food we eat and the air we breathe. When we don't live harmoniously and have an improper nutrition, we don't produce ample energy, and pull from our Jing. This depletes it sooner than necessary. Each organ system is correlated to an emotion. Fear, prolonged fear, or sudden fright or shock, damages the Kidney system and depletes Jing. On the other hand, excessive fearfulness, or a tendency to frighten easily are symptomatic of weakness in the Kidney system. It works like a cycle and can be used as a clue in understanding your body. We say that our Kidney system holds the key to our destiny because it is tied to our ancestry, our inheritance and to our Jing. Fear can indeed get in the way of our destiny if we let it paralyse us. Being too scared to put yourself out there, try something new or feel vulnerable can put a damper on life if we don't break those patterns. Winter is the season correlated to the Kidney, that means it's the time to be introspective, intuitive, and reflective. The environment is conducive to supporting you to break through patterns. Fear is a normal part of our existence and can be a teacher, we just must pay attention to it. Use your fears to show you where to breakthrough and guide you to your destiny and align you with your higher purpose.

I would high recommend taking Jing which can be purchased from Superfeast in Australia. Even if you feel your Jing is strong, we can never have enough.

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