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Kidneys and Bladder

If you want to put a spring in your step, you must draw strength from the well of the Water Element, Kidneys. If you feel exhausted by effort and want to contact your true will, dip your cup in the Bubbling Spring ~ John Kirkwood How can you tap into this energy? Through meditation. Through Qigong.

Through proper Salaah - proper body actions, focused, no slouchin. By stomping your feet as the Kidney and Bladder meridians run through the heel and to the sole of the foot. Stomp slowly and with flat feet, for about 5 minutes a day to stimulate Kidney energy. Our Kidneys are quite dynamic according to TICM. They are the organ system which stores the body's essence, life source and one's inherited original reserves of vital energy. Because of this, we say that the Kidneys are our connection to our genetic wisdom. This is the organ system that is associated with the emotion fear. One can easily feel fearful or uncertain if they are not connected to their source energy, which is grounding.

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