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Kidneys belong to the Winter season, but as our Kidneys are known as the root of life, I ensure I look after my Kidneys whatever the season or reason in order to prevent illness. Our Kidneys hold our inherited wisdom and energy, as well as supplying reserve energy to any organ running low on vital energy. Its partner organ is the Bladder, therefore, if you have Bladder dysfunction, it is treated through strengthening the Kidneys.

This massage is simple and super effective in promoting energy to flow and stagnation to be removed. There is a version of this movement in every type of Qigong a form of movement that cultivate energy because of its healing capabilities.

This movement is important as it rids stagnant energy out while nourishing the Kidneys. This simple technique balances our Yin and Yang which influences each organ system of the body. The Kidney system includes the adrenal glands, the ovaries in women and the testicles in men, hence why the Kidneys are the system in charge of growth, maturation and reproduction. Fertility and aging problems are rooted here!

Massage the Kidneys in inward circles with your hands in fists. Begin up on the outside, with the hands coming together at the top of your circle, follow downwards in the middle and continue for several minutes. You will feel heat in the region.

Then tap over the area on both sides, one and one with loose fists to alleviate any stuck energy. Continue to tap down to each side of the butt. This is the way the Kidney energy drains downwards and out. Do it for several minutes.

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