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Kidneys: water element

Though we are all a bit of each element, there is always a dominant one that helps us understand who we are on a mental and physical level. Water element associations: Kidney, Bladder, Winter. Calm, clever, articulate, and wise. Their observations about life make them a bit of an old Soul. Because our Kidney stores the wisdom of our lineage according to TICM, this comes as no surprise. The organs associated with the water element are the Kidney and Bladder. When physical imbalances manifest, they are prone to water metabolism issues like swelling and oedema. They can have frequent urinary tract infections and experience back, joint and knee pain as the Kidney governs the bones. Emotionally, fear is the emotion that correlates to the Kidney system. Fear, timidness, and indecision are what a water element would experience when out of balance. Physically, most water types have soft bodies, round faces, and often have dark hair. Their eyes are large and soft and may experience dark circles if they are tired.

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