Every emotion we experience is described by TICM as being housed in the body, each one looked after by a specific organ.⁠ Fear is an emotion that is housed in the Kidneys and it can be healed by stimulating the organ channel. Fear seems to be the driver of our world currently so let us keep our Kidneys strong for our Kidneys are the foundation of our body. It is essential Kidneys are looked after during the colder months too.

Use a gua sha tool, a coin, a spoon, or even your hands to stimulate these points making sure you go from the sole on your feet until above your ankle. ⁠I am used to using gua sha tools made of different stones as I love my crystals and toys. Make sure you apply oil of your choice on your feet before doing this exercise and make sure you do both feet.

This will help with:⁠

Lower back pain⁠

Neck pain⁠


Nausea and vomiting⁠

Irregular menstruation⁠


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