The kidneys are known as the Minister of Power and are regarded as the body’s most important reservoir of⁠essential energy, or jing.

They are attributed with a role of managing our constitutional health, what keeps you going when you skipped breakfast or had a dreadful night’s sleep, so It's vital to take care of them.⁠

Kidneys do not like cold, so rub your hands together 36 times until they are nice and warm, then apply to your Kidneys for about 1 minute. You will feel that warm going down from your arms into your hands and into your Kidneys. You should feel the pulsation from the Heart. Your Kidneys will love you for this. In general, always keep your feet warm as well as your lower back throughout the year. Those who know me will also know how I stress the importance of wearing under garments as well as wearing proper shoes with socks. I do not like flip flops, sandals etc as it damages the feet and causes cracks where they become so deep that it can bleed. This affects the Liver too.

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