Each of our fingers and your thumb are connected to a specific organ.

Our ring finger is connected to the Kidneys, which have many functions in TICM over and above processing urine, such as responsibility for the overall ageing process. They are also responsible for fertility, libido, hearing, the strength of your hair, willpower, wisdom and so much more. ⁠The stronger the Kidneys, the stronger the willpower and wisdom as the Kidneys in TICM are known as the Root of Life, which is why Chinese people are careful to look after them.

The Kidneys are also known as the Minister of Power and is regarded as the body's most important reservoir of essential energy or Jing. They are attributed with the role of managing our constitutional health, which is what keeps us going when we skip breakfast or had a dreadful night's sleep so it is essential in taking care of them. When patients send me their bloods, the most important figure I look at for Kidneys is the eGFR. ⁠ This simple technique helps you strengthen your kidneys and you can do it on either hand as many times as you wish.

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