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Kidney 1 (KID1)

We are made up of the Universe and we need to tap into that energy. Often when we are feeling anxious, indecisive or fearful because we are disconnected to our higher self. These emotional symptoms also usually have physical ones to match. On the bottom of the feet, the acupuncture point called KID1 is located. This point offers great spiritual and physical healing as it shifts consciousness both literally and figuratively. Because it is the lowest point of the body, and our Kidneys are our source of inherited wisdom and energy, using this point can bring you back to your centre, connecting you with the root of life, where the source of energy (Qi) enters the body. KID1 is located on the sole of the foot, in a slight depression created when the foot is pointed downward, about 1/3 of the distance between the tips of the toes and the heel. It may feel sore, but that means you have the right spot. It can be stimulated through massage, pressure with a finger or pressure with a tennis ball. This point draws our energy just as a tree’s roots draw nourishment from the soil. Any time, especially in Winter if we feel as though we are lacking will, certainty, strength or stamina, this point helps us tap into our battery reserves. Furthermore, it helps getting out of your head and feeling fearful or indecisive. It also helps with sleep and to balance the adrenals. Physically, this point helps relieve night sweats, hot flashes, tinnitus, hypertension, insomnia, anxiety, and headaches. This point proved its potency on consciousness in a 2010 study when it effectively sped waking time for patients in a coma state due to a traumatic brain injury (Yiu, 2010).

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