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Kegel exercise

Health and fitness should be a major boom right now. Many people used to exercise 5-6 days a week. However, toned your tush or chiselled your abs, there is one area not getting nearly as much exercise as it should. Below the abs, above the tush, are our kegel muscles. A very important yet very overlooked area.

Kegels, named after the doctor who popularised them, are pelvic floor exercises that work and strengthen the muscles surrounding the vagina and the rectum and promise everything from better bladder control to stronger orgasms. The key to a correct Kegel is isolating the pelvic floor muscles and then squeezing and lifting. Kegel exercises (pelvic floor exercises) strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which support the Uterus, Bladder, Small Intestine and rectum.There are many benefits for both women and men.

1. Better bathroom control: if you are struggling with either faecal or urinary difficulties. One review involving more than 6,000 women found kegel exercises to be beneficial for avoiding either type of bathroom issue when performed before or after childbirth. Though men obviously don’t have to worry about control issues due to giving birth, some still experience problems. This is especially true for men who have undergone prostate surgery. Good news is kegels can help them as well. 2. Erectile dysfunction issues: erectile dysfunction is shockingly common, especially when you consider how many younger men are now experiencing it. For some reason, many of these guys never take any steps to address it. Medication is not the only option, though. Along the same lines, plenty of men find themselves struggling with premature ejaculation. Kegel exercises have been shown to aid in both instances.

3. Easier childbirth: doctors encourage pregnant women to stay active in the months leading up to delivery, and that should go for exercising pelvic muscles as well.

This is particularly interesting because we usually associate kegel exercises with tightness, which makes it seem like delivery would be more of a struggle. Studies suggest the benefits are more about control than anything else. 4. Relief of anorgasmia: you may not be familiar with the term anorgasmia, so will give a brief explanation. In short, it is a condition where a person is unable to achieve climax after sexual stimulation. Though it’s often associated with women, men can also have trouble. In their case, it’s usually referred to as delayed ejaculation. Kegel exercises can boost a woman’s orgasm. In this study, women with moderately strong pelvic floor muscles experienced higher arousal and orgasmic function than women with weaker muscles.

Another method to help relieve constipation is taking sips of warm water while doing kegel exercises.

The combination of the warm water and kegal exercise will stimulate the movement of the intestines. Be consistent, once you create a routine and train your muscles, you will see results.

What to do:

Sip warm water and do 5 kegels. Repeat 5-10 times daily. This is best practiced in the morning. Try and practice at the same time daily.

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