Jujube dates

Jujube dates (red dates)

There are over 400 different dates and every one has its purpose. The jujube is well known and used by almost every doctor I know for all types of conditions. But we are careful in prescribing any dates with the exception of Berny dates to those who have heat in the body, Yin deficient, has damp or phlegm.

So if you went to Asian grocery store only to get a bag of red dates, they are also known as jujube or Chinese dates.

These beautiful red dates are one of the most beloved fruits in TICM for their renowned healing abilities. In fact, they are known as a traditional herb, health tonic and food.

Red dates help replenish and nourish the Blood. This is such an important action as it helps circulation, digestion, immune response, emotional balance and proper Liver detoxification. For those who are vegetarian, especially women, it is important to include them in your diet to promote Blood flow and creation which takes place in the Spleen and Liver systems.

Lack of Blood stems from weak Spleen and Stomach Qi (energy). This leads to symptoms such as

Diarrhoea, insomnia, poor appetite, lack of energy, excess weight, lack of muscle on the arm and legs, light and short menstruation, cramps, PMS, Stomach cramps or diarrhoea after eating cold food

sluggish bowel movements or bowel movements straight after eating and bloating after eating

By improving Blood circulation through replenishment and nourishment, the Liver and Spleen function more efficiently, helping the symptoms listed above.

You can add them to your tea, oatmeal and congee. They are delicious and sweet. I usually put 3 dates and about 9 goji berries and enjoy as a tea to replenish my Blood eating the fruit afterwards.

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