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People ask me all the time about juicing. I personally do not juice or purchase juices for health purposes and that I will not risk making my organs sick. But most importantly it would be like an insult to my parents who have always kept me well.

The juices are made from raw vegetables plus things such as ice or cold is added which will make my organs sick. Another reason is that overconsumption of things, our body can have an allergic reaction so sometimes food allergies are self induced.

Juices and smoothies have been popularised commercially as usual and whilst it is marketed as a great way to get extra nutrition, greens and vegetables, it is best to avoid very sweet smoothies and juices as well as too many ingredients in one hit, for example: our body is designed to eat a whole banana and not to drink a whole banana with added berries, nuts, juices or milk or anything else all at once. This is an intense combination of ingredients for the Stomach to digest.

Or how many oranges are required for a glass of orange juice? Is it not far better to eat a whole orange only? How many apples do you need for a glass of apple juice? Is it not better to eat one or two? This way you will be getting extra vitamin c or fibre which is not only great for your digestive system but also has the added benefit of slowing the release of sugar into the Blood which will lead to more sustained energy levels rather than a sudden rush.

Smoothies and juices contain raw fruits and vegetables rather than cooked so if you do have to have them, sip and drink it slowly. Also avoid having it for breakfast and dinner, perhaps opt for mid-morning or lunchtime when your digestive system is strongest.

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