Insects awakening

The 24 solar terms, based on the sun's position, were created by farmers in ancient China to guide agricultural affairs and farming activities. Each term originated and defined the place the Big Dipper pointed and the natural climate and landscape of the period.

Insects Awakening alludes to the fact that winters’ sleeping insects and animals are awakened by spring thunder. It is the key time for spring agricultural activities and a sign that the Earth is coming back to life.

What can we look forward to in Spring? Nourishing our Liver and Gallbladder as they are the organ system that correlates to the Spring season and with the element Wood.

Our Liver is known as the commanding general of the body and the main organ of detoxification. When the Liver is healthy, the flow of Qi (vital energy) and Blood is normal, the body can eliminate any toxins (bacteria, mold, parasites and viruses) naturally, leaving a pain free, healthy and an emotional state that is balanced and content.

If you experience physical symptoms like acne, anxiety, bloating, body aches, digestive issues like IBS, hormonal imbalance, infertility, irregular menstruation; Stomach pain, those are all signs to help the Liver. Emotionally if you are easily stressed, frustrated, angered or feel as though you are emotionally imbalanced, the Liver needs some nourishment.

Liver formula's supports the flow of smooth Qi (energy), Blood and emotions. If this herbal formula is right for you, it is beneficial to begin it now right as we are heading into Spring, as this is when the Earth supports the healing of the Liver the most.

Goji berry extract is made from wildcrafted goji berries, a super healing adaptogen which is beloved by the Liver. It also greatly helps vision, skin and is a superior anti-aging herb.

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