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Inner peace

The more we allow our digestive system, our Spleen and Stomach, to be calm and rested, the more we can support our Lung and Large Intestine as we transition to Autumn. The more harmonious this organ connection is, the better we transition to colder temperatures, and we free ourselves from allergies, coughs, skin issues and extreme emotions.

Now for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, they are in the season of Late Summer which is correlated to the Spleen and Stomach. We they are entering Autumn which relates to our Lung and Large Intestine, the better the digestive system is, the stronger Lung function will be, as one supports the other.

What's the best but most overlooked way to help our digestion? Is balancing our emotions. Whether it's taking a break from the news, beginning a meditation practice, or spending time in nature, the only way to truly help yourself is through cultivating inner peace and right now that looks like unplugging for many of us and going back to basics. This brings us energy (Qi), the life force energy to keep us vital.

Share in comments with others some of the ways you cultivate inner peace. For me personally, it has always been dawn prayer and meditation in room which I call my sanctuary. Having a cat has made it even more special because I truly believe she is on the same frequency. Every witch needs her cat.

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