Improve relationships

How to improve relationships during times like this

As the days start to multiply, and you've been imprisoned at home with your family, partner, friend or roommate consecutively, tensions may rise. It's easy to feel irritable, frustrated, sad, confused or scared. What's important is how you handle those emotions. Why is that you may ask? Because handling these emotions can actually lead to growth, while looking at them as negative feelings you can't control creates more of those feelings and causes both mental and physical stagnation.

NEVER take your feelings out on someone else. Do you feel like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Did the news segment you just watched cause a bit of panic? Well don't take those frustrations out on your housemate. Instead, take some time alone and write down how you feel. Get it all out. When you're done, take several really deep breaths and exhale. With every exhale breathe out a negative feeling, with every inhale, bring in white cleansing light and imagine energy flowing freely through your meridians.

Unplug. Most people have been glued to their smartphones, video games, television, screens and so on. The importance of unplugging is not to be dismissed, there is good reason it’s always advised. Make sure for every hour you spend in front of a screen you counteract that with the opposite by reading writing, painting, gardening, cleaning, cooking... the options are endless. When you unplug you can spend quality time together, you can also do this alone. You connect to your inner self. Do limit the amount of time you watch the news.

Spend quality time together even the worst situation can be a gift if you choose to look it that way. In fact, both marriage and divorce rates increased during this imprisonment. Either you realise that you can really make it through life together after going through something challenging or you realise that maybe it’s not the right fit. Both these circumstances are blessings.

Play together. Play games, cards, make dinner a theme night, see how long you can stretch out your groceries and make it a fun competition. If you are with family, make scrapbooks, go over your fond memories together. That will raise the vibration in the home.

Respect. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Plain and simple. Be thoughtful, be considerate. More often than not, when you are vulnerable and show kindness, it opens up the other persons heart. Make sure to share housework and responsibilities. Ask for help if you need it.

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