Improve digestion

Improve digestion to improve health

In TICM, the Spleen creates Qi (energy) and Blood in order to support our entire body. The more abundant and free flowing our Qi and Blood are, the stronger our immune response is, the more efficiently our metabolism works and the clearer our brain function is.

SP10 is known as Sea of Blood is the point to nourish Blood and Qi while strengthening Spleen function and helping knee pain. Because of its effects on the body, it also improves sleep. It is a super healing point. It is one of my favourite points for gynaecological issues, stagnation, cancer plus many more mainstream conditions.

In TICM, Blood is a larger concept than in mainstream. Blood is a Yin substance that nourishes and moistens our entire body. It also supplies the basis for our mental activities.

Located with knee flexed, 2 finger widths above the superior middle border of the kneecap on the bulge of the middle part of the quad.

This is especially helpful to do at 10.30am. Practice for 3-5 minutes on both sides.

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