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Improve celiac

Improve celiac and gluten sensitivity

TICM is greatly beneficial in helping those with gluten sensitivity, celiac disease and most importantly the underlying problem of Spleen/Stomach imbalance. As I mentioned in my previous post about celiac disease, Western practices label celiac disease as an autoimmune disorder, genetic disorder, and mostly incurable. Though the severity can be very much true, TICM views celiac disease as a disassociation between the Stomach and Spleen caused by one or more of the following factors: unhealthy diet, stress, lifestyle, repeated use of antibiotics and hormones.

These factors weaken the digestive system, exhaust warm (Yang) energy and worsen the distribution of nutrients from food by damaging the relationship between the Spleen and Stomach. The TICM approach is a bit more hopeful. Restore balance and harmony in the digestive organs to lessen or dissolve symptoms entirely.

Diet: avoid gluten, dairy and any inflammatory foods that are fried and processed. While you are healing, it is best to concentrate on eating whole, nurturing foods. Stay away from sugar as that causes inflammation and feeds parasites and bacteria. Consume organic bone broth and a high quality probiotic.

Eat proper meals every day, most importantly, a warm breakfast like gluten free oats, sweet potato, etc. If you want to skip any time frame for intermittent fasting, choose night time and not morning. Our digestive fire is burning bright in the morning, like the sun is shining, and needs to be fed.

Avoid cold and raw foods: raw salads and vegetables are hard to digest. Often times when stomach and spleen function are impaired, they can't properly take the time to digest raw foods, causing bloating, gas, diarrhea and pain in the abdomen. Cold beverages stop the already weakened metabolism, dissolve warm (Yang) and vital energy (Qi) flow to the Stomach and cause cramping, bloating etc. Nutrients of those vegetables are then lost. Consume gently cooked vegetables for easy digestion and distribution.

Consume ginger podwer tea daily. Dehydrated ginger is the most potent form of ginger, killing bacteria, parasites, promoting metabolic function, invigorating Qi, Blood and Yang and naturally removing toxins.

Hijama and acupuncture: a steady dose of acupuncture helps stress and promotes the flow of vital energy (Qi), Blood and natural detoxification while promoting healing.

Manage stress: stress and worry are the most detrimental emotions for our Stomach and Spleen. Meditation, prayer, Qigong, connecting to nature are ways to help relieve those feelings. Unplugging from technology, taking walks with friends, moderate exercise, stretching, eating healthfully, watching happy movies, reading inspired literature, creating affirmations are all ways to relieve stress.

Cupping: your doctor may use this ancient technique of placing heated glass cups on the Stomach, creating a sort of suction, to remove dampness and promote phlegm dissolution.

Warming the Stomach: using hot water packs on the stomach and or feet at night, infrared treatments, Ginger podwer tea, warm water with lemon, etc help keep the stomach warm. When the Stomach and Spleen are warm, they can heal.

Vitality formula: wildcrafted herbs to dissolve phlegm and dampness, help to relieve abdominal distention, general fatigue, belching, bloating, gas, nausea, acid regurgitation, heartburn, fatigue after meals.

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