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Improper rest

Sickness and improper rest

Quality sleep and rest is one of the pillars of health, making it essential in the healing process as well as health maintenance. This is due to the fact that the body restores and rejuvenates through detoxification and drainage during deep sleep.

Our bodies run on a schedule explained by the TICM body clock, a similar concept to circadian rhythm. Our body clock details that our energy, flows through different organ systems at different times of the day and night.

9pm-11pm: the San Jiao is in focus highlighting the lymphatic system. The endocrine and metabolic systems are now working on balancing energy, metabolism and hormones. Avoid eating now to allow the body to use its energy for restoration. Melatonin secretion begins and it is officially time to unwind.

11pm-1am: Yin (cooling/female/moon) energy is strongest, yearning for rest, restoration and replenishment. The Gallbladder system is in focus, releasing bile, while cellular repair occurs and Blood cells are built. Not being asleep during this time, will affect the quality of your Blood and create an imbalance leading to sickness. Blood is sacred in TICM.

1am-3am: the body wants to achieve deep sleep. Energy is flowing to the Liver organ system to detox and regulate mood, digestion, vision, energy, planning and connective tissues. If you find yourself waking up now, the Liver is taxed by it’s natural detoxing process. It would be important to reduce alcohol, caffeine, nicotine consumption and greasy foods, take a look at your food and any prescription drugs you are taking. Help to naturally detox the Liver with a Liver formula from your physician to suit your needs.

3am-5am: Lung system. Our Lungs provide oxygen, protect us from external pathogens and nourish our skin. At around 4am, red blood cells are produced in abundance and thus important to be sleeping. If you wake up coughing during this period, it is time to pay attention to the state of the Lungs. This is normally the time when dreaming occurs. So many patients are lacking in red blood cells, whereby allopathic medicine mistake it for iron with many patients ending with iron infusions leading to many diseases including cancer. I know so many patients who happily go along with this as they are tired, losing hair, foggy brain, suffer insomnia etc. If you suffer from insomnia, there are 4 types according to TICM. There are posts on all 4 so please look back.

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