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Immunity shot

Immunity Shot - Antiviral & Antibacterial

Ginger Shot is your go to immunity boost filled with essential pathogen fighting ingredients. It is designed to invigorate your body's natural defence system and harmonise the gut where 70% of the cells that make up your immune system are housed.

Make your own and use ginger shot to strengthen the immune system, prevent cold and flu, ease pain, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, reduce bloating, reduce acid reflux, improve Blood flow and circulation, help diabetes, manage hypertension, reduce cholesterol, kill bacteria, parasites and viruses both viral and bacterial.

So what makes the ginger shot so amazing?

Ginger powder is dehydrated ginger for maximum potency. It prevents the body's warmth from escaping which can deplete when the body is removing waste and toxins. Nourishes and protects the body while killing bacteria, parasites, and viruses. I make my own ginger powder but you can purchase almost anywhere and plenty of supplies around.

Turmeric works as a natural pain reliever, is anti-inflammatory, aids in detoxification, and helps Stomach disorders to name just a couple of things. This versatile and renowned spice has been used in TICM and Ayurveda for thousands of years for its potency and efficacy. It has amazing abilities on the Liver function. Again I make my own tumeric powder but plenty of stock in the shops. This who are worried about tumeric being an anti-inflammatory please take at own risk. The tumeric sold in the shops are no way close to synthetic anti-inflammatory drugs sold in shops and chemists in my opinion. But again take at own risk unless you are a patient and I have advised you accordingly.

Astragalus extract (Huang Qi) boosts vital energy which is the life force and vital energy that sustains us. It increases the immunity of the entire body and helps protect it against pathogens like viruses and bacteria. Is an overall anti-aging herb. I make my own extract from the roots but still plenty at the shops.

Cayenne pepper is a warming warming spice promotes warmth, energy, tonifies the Spleen and Stomach, moves Blood and energy, and helps the digestive system. It is also able to dissolve the stagnation of cold which can hurt the Lungs and create body aches.

Black pepper warms the Stomach and the interior, Expels Cold, reduces pain, descends energy downwards and assists digestion.

Distilled water required. I have a Zazen water filter due to mineral stones and I know southern cross water filters are amazing too as they are made of clay.

1 fl. oz about 30ml. Directions: Shake well. Take full shot. For best results consume within 10 days. Mid morning is best. Refrigeration not required. Cold from fridge gets into the medicine and destroys the nutrients and energetics of the shot due to the harsh coldness. Plus when you are unwell you must not eat anything cold or raw and this applies in good times too.

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