Acupressure can help with symptoms as well as improve your health if practiced consistently. Usually as the seasons change, it is a great method to support immunity. However, due to fear19, it is always best to keep on top of immunity due to the level of fear, stress and other emotions that has been heavily drilled into us.

The following two points are both located on the Large Intestine (LI) channel. Usually when I needle in particular LI4, it is felt by almost everyone whether its pain, pins and needles, arm goes numb etc. If these things happen, I know the person has got bowel issues, emotional issues, issues with letting go, holding on to anger, resentment or other emotions and so forth. Many patients feel the what I have described above but claim they have no issues so I know they are not being truthful. However, I keep quiet as they are not lying to me, they are lying to themselves and in which case they will never heal. We are all having some sort of issues including myself and when people say they have no issues, lying is their issue.

1: Press on LI-4. *Do not press if you are pregnant; this can induce labour. It is located at the highest point of the muscle when the thumb and index finger are held together, you may feel it tender, that's the spot. LI4 strengthens immunity, expels wind, releases exterior pathogens, tonifies Qi (vital energy) and stops any pain. This point reconnects all the Qi in the body. Rub this point for several minutes daily whenever you have time, during your commute, watching television, or before you go to sleep. Repeat on both sides. This is an amazing point to always use, try rubbing it if you have a headache.

2: Press on LI11. This point is located at the elbow, bend your arm and look for the end of the crease on the outer side of your bent elbow. This point is perhaps the strongest to clear heat. It expels exterior wind and pathogens, regulates Qi and Blood and activates the meridian. Use the tip of your finger, press downward firmly holding for 30 seconds. Release and repeat 5 times. Do this on both elbows.

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