For those with hypertension who are over 50, use point Lung 9 (LU9) to help treat it. LU9 is known as the Great Abyss.

This point gathers Qi (energy) and promotes the circulation of Blood. It is great for mature folks with hypertension because they usually are deficient in Kidney Qi (energy). Our Kidneys store our inherited energy which drains as we age. Our Kidney supports Heart function according to TICM.

This point also helps with palpitations, coughing, wheezing and wrist pain and is especially helpful to those with asthma.

On a much deeper level, the Great Abyss can provide healing to those who feel like they have lost their way, feels manic like they have lost control. This point reaches deep into someone to calm and revitalise them on an emotional level, which can lead to hypertension too.

Locate LU9 which is at the wrist crease on the radial (thumb) side of the radial artery. Once located, press or massage in circular motion for 2-3 minutes on both sides. Repeat daily. Have a cup of warm water or ginger powder tea when done.

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