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There is an extra acupuncture point called Erjian M-HN-10 which translates as Tip of the Ear in English.

This is great for those in the 40-50 year old age range who suffer from hypertension as a result of stress, overwork and improper food, which is unlike older people who suffer from hypertension due to deficiency of organs and Qi and Blood.

This point allows heat to be released from the upper body. It also helps to maintain healthy Blood pressure.

Locate point Erjian by finding the highest point of the ear or as per video. Pinch this point, you want to almost feel a little discomfort, do this until the whole ear feels hot. Repeat on both sides.

Erjian clears heat and reduces swelling so is good for various eye disorders like redness, swelling and pain of the eye, hordeolum, blurred vision. It also helps vertigo and headaches.

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