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Hot baths

In TICM, we do not like cold. Cold constricts and congeals in any situation whether its for a broken bone or bleeding nose. We always apply warmth. So in mainstream medicine you have RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate) and in TICM, we have RHCE (rest, heat, compress, elevate). However, I disagree with too much rest so I advise from day 2 onwards slight movements are good to as you do not want to end up with things such as muscle atrophy. Speak to someone with this condition and they will tell you it is not pleasant. Starts off on one part of the body and then moves to other parts.

Beyond your standard shower, baths are amazing when it comes to health benefits. Many is consider baths to be a luxury but something you really enjoy is actually good for you.

Lowers blood sugar. Forget walking. A hot bath may be just what you need to lower your blood sugar and burn calories. In a study, scientists investigated the effect a hot bath has on blood sugar control an important measure of metabolic fitness, and on energy expended, number of calories burned. They recruited 14 men to take part in the study, who each soaked in a hot bath for one hour. They then compared how many calories were burned in each sessions, as well as measured their blood sugar for 24 hours after each trial. Bathing resulted in about as many calories being burned as a 30 minute walk, around 140 calories. The overall blood sugar response to both conditions was similar. Goodbye, gym (p.s. I am allergic to gyms and exercise, but I never told you that).

Fall asleep faster. Hot water relaxes the body and better prepares us for falling asleep. When a tense body enters a warm bath, the hot water increases the body temperature and relaxes the muscles. Relaxing the muscles not only soothes us physically but also mentally. That being said, only 20 minutes is needed and be careful not to fall asleep in the bath.

Lowers blood pressure. Studies have shown that soaking in a hot bath can lower your blood pressure. This is a great system for those with heart conditions and even those who don’t. But first, speak to your doctor if you do have a heart condition because a hot bath will also raise the rate of your heartbeat. If the doctor says it’s OK, then it's a great way of bringing down your blood pressure. But please note, I am currently using an oxygen and Heart rate monitor in clinic due to everyone wearing muzzles and have noticed everyone's Heart rate is on the increase and oxygen levels going down.

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