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Holiday season

The holidays are an intense time for most of us, as well as the busiest time of year, as we try and get it all done before our holidays, travels and the “New Year”. This year we have found ourselves yet again facing a “surge” in cases and lots of fear from the media in an attempt to kill people off. It is essential to swap fear for peace, grounding and love. You can do this by reserving your Qi (energy). Everything we do requires Qi. If we spend too much of our Qi without replenishing it, we will be fatigued and our immune system can be compromised. How can we replenish our Qi? Meditation Cooking nourishing meals Eating a warm breakfast Unplugging from TV, social media, mobile phones Spending quality time with loved ones Making gifts instead of buying them Volunteering Quality rest and relaxation Saying no to obligations if you don't have the bandwidth for them Creative time Good night's sleep Herbal support Gua sha, massage, acupressure, Qigong, Salaah Wishing you a joyous time, not a stressful time. Take time to unplug and support your entire body. Eat well, think well and be well. Most importantly, be happy.

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