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Heart and Womb Exercise

Ladies, let us embark on the journey to heal our Womb, you also begin to heal your Heart. The grief we carry in our wombs is reflected in our Hearts, and vice versa as there is a very intimate connection according to TICM.

In many ancestral traditions, it is said that the Womb is the second feminine Heart, which is something we have forgotten as we disconnected from this primal knowledge.

As we awaken our Womb, our Heart will also begins to heal. In TICM, it is even known that these two centres are connected a meridian called Bao Mai, the Uterus Vessel. By awakening and uniting these two vortexes we upgrade everything we create in our life. It is a potent practice that can reweave our experiences of relationships, money, love, purpose and Heart career. I recently saw some Heart broken teenage girls and women full of anger, where through these exercises many came into a renewed relationship life, released old Heart grief or finally took the plunge into the work they have always wanted to do. Heart-Womb exercise to help you get a taste of this work:

Lay down on a yoga mat or somewhere on the floor, be comfortable with a blanket and play soothing music, Qur’an etc. I personally like the sound of rain with the smell of frankincense burning.

Place one hand on your Womb, and one hand on your Heart.

Take 5 slow, deep breaths in and out. Move out of the mind and drop fully into your body.

Ask yourself what is it that my body and my feminine self are yearning to experience right now?

If my heart and my womb could speak to me, what would they say?

Allow all that arises to be embraced as it moves through your perception for the next 5 minutes. Trust the words, intuitions and images that come to you, and take a moment to write them down after you have completed the exercise. Follow this guidance today and set an intention to fully live from this feminine knowing and notice the miracle that unfolds from here.

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