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Heart acupressure

Those who come to see me will know how nosey I am. I like to look and smell literally everything on their body as so many patients do not tell the truth. I know what sign and symptom to look for what condition, yet when I ask them the question, they will deny they answer. But what people do not realise is that they are lying to themselves. Although I can be harsh, I do not judge anyone based on their condition.

Recently, I have been seeing two blue visible veins on the middle fingers of patients. This is a sign that they have a Heart issue that needs to be dealing with. Show these lines to a doctor or so called specialist known as cardiologist, they will probably laugh at you for repeating what I say.

Whether you have the blue lines on your fingers or not, why not do the exercise demonstrated in this video as it can have great benefits to improve Heart function and Blood circulation. Some of you who have a hyper thyroid, it is simply poor Heart circulation.

Practice gua sha or massages on your middle finger every day 15 times per day. It can also activate the brain function, help if you are having sleep problems.

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