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Overstimulation of the Heart

Emotional activity is indeed a normal experience, but a prolonged duration of emotion or an extreme emotion is imbalancing by nature. Each of the main organs are associated with an emotion according to TICM. Joy is one of the Seven Emotions in TICM. The meaning in TICM varies a bit compared to the Western meaning. The standard meaning of joy is a great feeling because it is one of deep contentment, and that is true. When joy consists of contentment, it promotes free and smooth flowing Qi (energy), and a happy Heart. The joy we refer to in TICM is more like a state of overexcitement to the point of agitation. This overexcitement can stem from desire and craving and the want to be stimulated. In modern day lifestyle, popular stimulants include caffeine, nicotine, prescription drugs and drugs like cocaine. We are also overstimulated by technology, entertainment, the always busy lifestyle, alcohol, sex, and consumerism of always wanting the latest and greatest. Joy in the sense of being overstimulated affects the Heart and is the emotions associated with the organ system. Imbalance in this system can lead to symptoms we refer to as Heart fire, they look like palpitations, insomnia, unclear thoughts, feelings of restlessness and agitation, talking a lot and a red tip of the tongue. Continued overstimulation overtime can enlarge the Heart and weaken the pulse. To help with overstimulation, see your TICM physician for a herbal formula to meet your individual needs or use hawthorn fruit or Schisandra (Wu Wei Zi) to make a cup of tea with.

The best way to reduce stimulants is to be conscious of what you are using, when and why. Do you reach for a cigarette to get through a stressful situation at work? Do you spend hours on social media as a distraction because you are afraid to follow a passion of yours? The list goes on. Reducing the stimulants you are using is the best method for a healthier Heart and mind. Acupuncture and acupressure can really help to open and clear meridians for proper Qi (energy) flow. Meditation, Qigong, Salaah, journalling and yoga are beneficial as well.

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