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Healthy Heart

So many people are having issues with their Heart and in chest region but medical tests in particular the ECG and 24 hour heart monitor tests always come back clear. These tests always come back clear but the patients complaint has not cleared. I used to send patients for CRP, ESR, Fibrinogen, Homocysteine tests to see what is going on but that privilege has been taken away from me. Majority GP's will not order these tests as they do not understand them nor do they know how to interpret them. Many patients used to mention my name to the doctors but have stopped now as I leave a bad taste in the mouth of doctors who know my name. So let us see if we can shrug our way to a healthy Heart.

This simple movement activates the scapula (shoulder blade) which is related to the Small Intestine. The shoulder and Small Intestine are related because the meridian of the Small Intestine runs through it. The Small Intestine is the partner organ to the Heart.

The Small Intestine organ system is really miraculous in the way it separates the turbid from the pure in regards to food, liquids, and even our thoughts. As the Yin organ to the Heart (Yang), the health of the Small Intestine is important to support Heart, digestion, and mental health.

The Heart meridian begins under the armpit so this movement also activates the entire meridian and helps Heart function.

Practice this for 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times a day. You can also use it to prevent frozen shoulder and shoulder pain.

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