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Healthy food and nutrition not enough

Good food is like opening the gateway to health, vitality and wellbeing. But some patients will say they are doing everything correct but it does not it feel like it as they don't see any improvement in your condition, weight loss etc. Digestion is more than what you eat, it has to do with what you ingest in your thoughts, conversations, surroundings, observations, so on and so forth.

Our Spleen organ system is paired with our Stomach. This duo, along with the Pancreas is responsible for digestive function, regulating, balancing and nourishing. This system controls the muscles and is the origin of Blood, fluids, essences and Qi (our vital energy). When plentiful and flowing freely, Blood and Qi fuel our entire body to a state of balance. Balance equals harmony.

In TICM, we have a saying that sickness originates in the Spleen, Pancreas and Stomach. Imbalances that manifest from here can look like hundreds of unique symptoms but they all actually have the same root cause.

Good food is my favourite prescription to write and I advise on foods a patient should eat for their individual health and then email them a booklet on why and benefits. But our thoughts are just as important. In TICM we view food through its energetic properties, how it affects the body, which is similar to how the energy of our words impact us as well, especially our digestive function. Ever notice how worry is usually met with an aching Stomach, nervousness with nausea, that is no coincidence. Islamic teachings is also, if you do not like a particular food, do not bad mouth it, just leave it out.

Right now there is more chaos happening in the world than we know what to do with. But we know everything happens for a reason. Winter is approaching in the Northern Hemisphere, a time to retreat inwards and nourish our body, mind and spirit. Don't get sucked into too much noise. Focus on improving yourself first and foremost.

Cultivate self awareness, write down how you feel after doing certain things that you might have a hunch or intuition about that need changing. See how your body reacts to what you ingest, both mentally and physically. Then I promise you, any plateau in your healing journey will be overcome.

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