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Healing your digestive system

Neutral and warming essence foods: root vegetables, whole grains, winter squash, lentils, beans, meats, whole fruits (not fruit juice), nuts and seeds. Avoid fruits in the winter and colder days as due to high fructose content, you are putting extra pressure on the Liver to detoxify and it is cold and heavy on the Stomach and Spleen. Ensure you eat seeded fruits only and eat the seeds and save the peels as every part of it is beneficial to health. 

Look around: what's growing in your climate? That’s the easiest way to tell what’s can be beneficial on your plate.

Don't skip breakfast: Qi is at its peak in the Stomach and Spleen channel from 7-11 am in the morning, the time of the day when food is most effectively digested to create energy for the day. Skipping this meal can lead to weight gain and Blood sugar imbalances.

Avoid damp forming foods: dampness is the climate during this season, meaning it's easier to create internally as well. It's important to avoid sugar, chemicals, refined carbohydrates, excess gluten, processed grains, cheese, greasy, fried foods and dairy. Dampness creates heavy, murkiness, and traps toxins, parasites and bacteria. Examples of damp patterns include weight gain, obesity, ADD, ADHD, IBS, arthritis, MS, fibromyalgia, chronic aching conditions and candida.

Herbal therapy.

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