Healing sounds

Healing sounds for organs

TICM wisdom, just as each organ is associated with an element, season, colour and so on, each element is associated with a sound. They are called the 6 healing sounds. They are used to improve health, promote healing and longevity. These sounds have been used for thousands of years to release excess emotions or stagnation from the specific tissues and organs of the body. Because our bodies hold onto memory, trauma, and stress even when our mental mind tells us it's a thing of the past, these sounds help us release those trapped and stored emotion’s.

For example: if you are feeling overwhelmed by one specific emotion, you can breathe into the corresponding organ to help to ease it. In the case of anger, the organ in charge of helping with this is the Liver. There's a simple way of supporting the organ in this task with this smiling breath technique. ⁠ ⁠ To do this, start breathing in through the nose and gently send an inner smile into the Liver, imagining it being filled with warmth and happiness. Then exhale sharply through the mouth, making an 'Shhhhh' noise as you do so. You can repeat as many times as you feel necessary.⁠ Send it happy vibes and imagine any old, stale energy coming out of it like a mist. For best results, try doing this 5 times a day especially before bed if you have trouble sleeping.⁠

The Healing sounds are one of the oldest forms of breath therapy. When done correctly, healing sounds can target specific organs and help support and nurture them. A specific sound corresponds to each organ and its pathway in the body.⁠ ⁠ Below are all the sounds for each organ. Choose one sound and organ or use them all. Touch each organ when you make the sound and smile. Heart: inhale and imagine red light filling the Heart. As you exhale the Haaa (Hē) sound, release anxiety from the Heart. Lung: inhale and imagine white light filling up the Lungs. As you exhale the Sssss (Sī ) sound, release grief and sadness from the Lungs. Liver: inhale and imagine green light entering the Liver. As you exhale the Shhh (Xū) sound, imagine releasing anger from the Liver. Kidney: inhale and imagine dark blue light into each Kidney. As you exhale the Choo (Chuī) sound, release fear from the Kidneys. Spleen: inhale golden light into the Spleen, Stomach and Pancreas. As you exhale the Whoo (Hū) sound, release worry from the digestive system. San Jiao: inhale and imagine clear Qi (vital life force energy) into the whole body. As you exhale the Hee (Xī) sound, allow the vibration of love to fill your entire body.

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