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Heal the gut

Heal your gut with sauteed cabbage

Ensure that you have cabbage a few times a week. This recipe will not leave you gassy or bloated, instead you will enjoy the natural taste of the vegetables and receive its high fibre, vitamins K, C, folate, and manganese. Instructions: Tear your cabbage by hand, separating the tougher parts from the softer ones (closer to the core is tougher). It is best to use a wok, if you do not have one, use a large flat pan. Heat up about 1 tablespoon of neutral high heat oil until hot. Once heated, place the tougher parts of the cabbage in the pan and mix, cook until the edges begin to turn brown. Add in the softer leaves. When you see a lot of brown edges, it's done. Put on a plate and season with salt. Enjoy the sweet deliciousness of the cabbage. Avoid adding any spices like garlic or ginger. Just love the natural taste of the cabbage when it is cooked like this as the other spices will cover the taste.

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