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Headache relief

A few points that you can use to help relieve your headache via acupressure:

1. Locate GB 20, which is in the back of the head at the junction of the occipital and nuchal regions. It should feel a little tender to you. Press firmly with your thumbs for 30 seconds and release. Repeat 10-20 times.

2. Locate LI4 which is between the index finger and thumb; simply let your thumb touch the index finger and you will see the web between them that rises up and looks like a little mountain. The highest point is LI4. Press firmly with your index finger for 30 sec.

Release and repeat 5-10 times. Do it on both hands. A precaution for this point is that LI4 may induce labour, so it must never be used during pregnancy.

3. Locate BL43, which is next to the edge of scapula, at a level with T4. Don’t worry if you can’t find the point; use a tennis ball; put it in the vicinity of the area. You should feel a sharp pain. Hold for 10-20 seconds and repeat 5-10 times Do it on each scapula.

Try to relax and breath deeply as you massage the area. The massage and the acupressure can be done by you or by someone else who is there to assist you.

Drink ginger tea afterward using 1/2 tsp of ginger powder in one cup of hot water. For chronic headache, drink it three times daily.

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