Hawthorn fruit

Shan Zha (Hawthron Fruit)

Hawthorn fruit is the botanical name for Shan Zha and is a much loved berry in Chinese Medicine. leaves, berries and flowers of hawthorn are used as medicine in treating varies ailments. The essence of this fruit is sour and sweet and it is slightly warm in nature. It mainly manifests its therapeutic actions in the Heart, Spleen, Stomach and Liver. It is the best Fruit for Heart and digestive health. 

It is used for digestive imbalances and it is great ingested as a tea if one has overeaten heavy foods like meat and greasy types of meals. It will assist in breaking down and digestion of meats. 

Hawthorn promotes blood and Qi circulation so that helps with stagnated conditions and also helps if one is suffering from cold and dampness. 

Hawthorn fruit is the best herb for heart health and treats coronary disease, hypertension, hyperlipemia, vocal cord nodules and polyps, and bacterial dysentery. Hawthorn has the ability to widen the vessels, increasing the amount of blood pumped out from the Heart and increasing nerve signals responsible for smooth flow. 

Hawthorn is able to gently treat most diseases and is available from Chinese grocers in the UK and any Asian grocery store worldwide. 

Chew on 3 pieces after every meal to assist digestion. Or put 3 pieces into a cup of hot water and enjoy as a tea. It is good for children too due to their gentle nature.

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