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Updated: Sep 19, 2020

For those living in Victoria and who genuinely want to seek TCM treatment but feel I am too far from them, my own doctor is located in Airport West and I have always shared her details. and shall continue to do so.

Otherwise, I have amazing colleagues I personally have known since arriving in this country and the same people who welcomed and loved me to this day. They are located throughout regional and metropolitan Victoria who are also ready to see anyone in need. I am always ready and happy to share details of my colleagues as want the same goodness and blessings that I want for myself. No such non sense as competition, it’s team work in my opinion.

As for me, I actually now have a very long waiting list which shall get longer as I am prioritising who I take on as new patients.

Any current patient who have family members who need to seek treatment will go top of the list unless someone has a life threatening or chronic condition such as terminal cancer, dementia, Parkinson’s, diabetes type 1 etc,

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