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Green bananas

Bananas are such a delicious, nutritious and convenient snack. Green, yellow, even brown banana’s, what’s the best way to eat a banana and is it safe to eat those considered unripe.

For those of you who love bananas but hate having to wait for them to ripen, green bananas can be eaten. So the next time you return from the grocery store with a bundle of unripe bananas, you can eat them right away.

Besides being different in colour, green and yellow bananas differ in several ways:

Taste: green bananas are less sweet. They are actually quite bitter in taste.

Texture: green bananas are firmer than yellow bananas. Their texture has sometimes been described as waxy.

Composition: green bananas are higher in starches. As bananas ripen and turn yellow, the starches transform into sugars.

So, is green better than yellow? Depends really.

Although ripened yellow bananas are highly nutritious in terms of their high levels of potassium, fibre, and antioxidants, they do contain more simple sugars. Simple sugars are the carbohydrates that are easy for the body to break down. As a result, they serve as a quick boost for the body’s energy levels.

Green bananas, on the other hand, have a lower glycemic index, and therefore a lower simple sugar count. They also contain high levels of fibre and potassium, and since they have not yet ripened they are especially high in resistant starch, which acts like a soluble fibre and is able to keep you full for longer. The body is energised for longer because the starch is digested much more slowly.

Bottom line, both are great for you, but depending on your taste and texture preference, you may enjoy one more than the other. Also, depending on your sugar, energy, and weight loss needs, you may choose green over yellow or vice versa.

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