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Formula to reduce glucose

This is a formula to help balance Blood sugar, prevent diabetes, cool deficiency heat, promote antioxidants, nourish Yin, strengthen Liver and Kidney, purge Liver Heat and balance Blood pressure. The wildcrafted herbs that carry out this formula are below. Make sure to speak to your TCM doctor before modifying your daily routine. Take herbs an hour apart from medications. Di Gu Pi (Goji Root Tree Bark): Helps diabetes, hypertension, night sweats. Clears Yin deficient heat; clears Lung heat, cools the Blood. Gou Qi Zi (Goji Berries): Tonifies the Yin of the Liver and Yin of the Kidneys, brightens the eyes. Moistens the Lungs. Helps diabetes, tinnitus, knee pain. Mai Dong (Dwarf lilyturf roots) Replenishes Yin Essence, Lubricates and nourishes the Stomach. Soothes the Lung. Nourishes the Heart. Sheng Di (Rehmannia): Expels Heat, Tonifies Yin, Soothes the Heart, Cools and nourishes. Xia Ku Cao (Self-heal): Clears Liver Heat that affects the eyes, Clears Heat and reduces nodules. Calms Liver Fire and ascendant Yang. Helps goitre mastitis hypertension Ren Shen (Ginseng): Very strongly tonifies the Qi. Tonifies the Lungs and Spleen. Assists the body in the secretion of Fluids and stops thirst. Strengthens the Heart and calms the Shen (mind/spirit). Chao Zhu (Fried Atractylodes rhizomes): Tonifies the Spleen Qi. Fortifies the Spleen Yang and dispels Damp through urination. Tonifies Qi and stops sweating. Shan Yao (Yam): Tonifies the Spleen and Stomach. Tonifies the Lung Qi and nourishes the Lung Yin. Nourishes the Kidneys and consolidates Jing.

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