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Ginger for migraines

Ginger for migraines and headaches

So many people have been reporting headaches and migraines recently and the best advice I can give is instead of taking synthetic drugs, use ginger instead. I always ask people if they know what triggers them as the full moon is upon us next couple of days and this may be a cause. Most women become more emotional this time of month and some children go wild too. 

Ginger is one of the most versatile and effective treatments for so many different types of health concerns commonly experienced today. An increase of modern research is being done in support of this and it is no surprise to me personally.

Through the lens of TICM, ginger is warm in essence. It has the ability to ignite the fire needed in the Stomach and Spleen, restore the collapse of Yang (warm energy), get the digestive fire going, and expel Interior Cold. Ginger powder in particular has the ability to help in the natural detoxification process of the body and can help with headaches and migraines as described below. 

Many types of migraines are actually rooted in a mixture of gut imbalance, which involves the Stomach & Spleen and Liver function. When the Liver becomes overburdened with toxins and stress, it hinders the natural functioning partnership with the Spleen and Stomach. This could be a recipe for a migraine and why a lot of people experience nausea, vomiting, bloating and abdominal pain alongside a throbbing head. 

I have noticed patients who start warming their Stomach and Spleen, perform enemas, consume ginger powder and remove individualised aggressors can really see improvements in their conditions. Warming the gut (increasing Yang) is done through removing raw foods, cold drinks, processed foods and consuming foods like bone broth, ginger powder and white rice. It is done by eating a consistent and warming breakfast and lunch daily and reducing stress and all forms of toxins. Toxins can be environmental, situational, chemical etc.

One small study on ginger and migraine compared the prescription drug sumatriptan also known as Imitrex which is one of the top selling billion dollar drugs in the treatment of migraines to ginger powder in 100 patients with migraine without aura. Two hours after receiving either treatment, the average severity significantly decreased in both patient groups. The effectiveness of each treatment was similar, but side effects were more pronounced in the sumatriptan group.

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