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Gate of Life

Strengthening our Gate of Life (Ming Men)

Ming means life, fate and Men means gate, door. Ming Men is translated as Gate of Life, Gate of Destiny, Gate of Vitality or even Gate of Power. Ming Men has extraordinary fire that fuels our most precious life functions. So below is a simple and gentle exercise that you can do. Exercise for Ming Men: sit on the edge of a chair somewhere peaceful. Use your palms, either one or both, to rub your lower back. Do this until it feels warm. Once warmed, place your hands on your lap. Connect to your breath, focus on your lower back, and lower abdomen coming to a state of stillness. The deepest waters are peaceful and still, the water movement of the body holds your original Qi (energy) or Yuan Qi. This energy is harmonious, connecting you to the deepest wisdom so that you may feel guided, and rest assured. Rest in that peace for a while. Repeat the process of warming the back and being still two more times, for a total of three. It is important not to force quietness or stillness, take inventory of what is. Practice. Practice self-awareness. You will improve. Many herbs can help strengthen the Ming Men so speak to your TCM healer. Cold Hands and Feet: the herbal blend boosts total body circulation and provides the ability to regain warmth. It strengthens the Kidney and Spleen, stabilises Jing (essence) and opens the Governing Vessel channel. This removes blockages for unobstructed flow. Cognitive chargers: is made up of two herbs. This formula tonifies Kidney Yang, boosts cognitive function, helps circulation, and supplements essence and Blood. The adaptogenic herb is the most important herb for improve sexual function in traditional medicine. Other herbal formulas to help are Kidney recharges, Liver recharges and Du Chong extract.

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