Garlic oil

Although I constantly talk about ginger, garlic is another amazing herb but with different functions and indications. Garlic oil helps eliminate ear infections, ear mites and ward off re-infestation. My recipe below can be used on both humans and your pets. I use it on dogs.

Ingredients: 1 large garlic clove mined and olive oil.

What to do:

Place the garlic in a saucepan and cover with oil to a depth of about ½ inch (1cm).

Gently warm over a low heat over 60 minutes.

Strain the oil and cool.

Now bottle and store in the fridge.

To use, dip a cotton wool bud into the oil and apply to ears.

Important note: please ensure if you are using it on your pet, you have confirmation that your pet’s ear drum has not ruptured before using this remedy.

Note: my preference is Spanish olive oil due to my ancestorial links and the rich Islamic history of the olive tree plantations dating back to the Moors of modern day Spain and Portugal.

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