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In TICM, our organs play a key role in our emotional health. For thousands of years, we use our habits, mannerisms, characteristics, and feelings to guide us to what is going on inside of us. The Gallbladder is the partner to the Liver. Physically, it is known for storing bile produced by the Liver, controlling the tendons and sinews, affecting the quality and length of sleep and is the link between the Liver and digestive system, Spleen and Stomach. In the emotional body, the Gallbladder holds the need for respect and ability to make decisions, it is the organ who has the courage to act on the plans of the Liver and also create turning points for new beginnings in life. It is responsible for decision making, judgment, and courage. It also has a close relationship with the Heart. The Gallbladder’s decisiveness helps the heart to control the mind. It helps guide the Shen/Ruh/Spirit and provides direction for it. The Gallbladder is close to all organs, an ancient text says that the eleven depots (other organs) receive decisions from the Gallbladder, it is also seen as a pivot, a turning point for new beginnings and new stages of life. If the Gallbladder is weak, the capacity to express oneself could be realised, as the Gallbladder is responsible for our passion and assertiveness to act. If you feel like you are stuck in life and make decisions from a place of fear, your Gallbladder may be needing some attention. When the Gallbladder is balanced, it acts like an anchor for your deliberation process. Decisions are clear and decisive with focused thought and sound judgement.

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