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The gallbladder is called the curious organ. Partnered within the Liver system, this pear shaped organ stores bile produced by the Liver, controls the tendons, affects the quality and length of sleep, and governs decision making. It is considered an emotionally charged organ.

Each organ partnership consists of one Female/Yin and one Male/Yang organ. The Female/Yin organ in this case is the Liver. Female/Yin organs produce fundamental substances like Blood and vital energy (Qi). Male/Yang organs are usually empty cavities, transmitting nutrients to the body with a connection to the outside and play a role in digestion. The Gallbladder however, is the only Male/Yang organ without a connection to the outside but has characteristics of both Female/Yin and Male/Yang, making it an extraordinary organ.

Bile known as the central essence is important to the body. As the body senses the presence of fat in the gastrointestinal tract, the small intestine releases a hormone called cholecystokinin. It then signals the Gallbladder to discharge the bile into the first part of the Small Intestine to help with the digestion of fat. Bile emulsifies fat and breaks it down to allow easier digestion of it.

In the emotional body, the Gallbladder holds the need for respect and ability to make decisions, it is the organ who has the courage to act on the plans of the Liver and also create turning points for new beginnings in life. The Gallbladder is close with all organs. If the Gallbladder is weak, the capacity to express oneself could be realised, as the gallbladder is responsible for our passion and assertiveness to act. If you feel like you're stuck in life and make decisions from a place of fear, your Gallbladder may be needing some attention.

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